Wisdom Al-Quran Academy

Education for Duniya & Akhirah

A wing of Wisdom International School

Department of Hifzul Quran & Academic School

In Shaa Allah, our students will be Hafiz within the period of class Five

Department of Weekend Quaran Learning/Hifz

This department includes primary and advanced section.

Department of Full Time Hifzul Quran

This department includes quran memorization, hadith, fiqh and more

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Al-Quran Academy

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Wisdom International School

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Allah Subhanu Wataala said, “You who have believed! Protect yourselves and your family from the Hellfire.” (Surah At-Tahrim, Ayat-6) Prophet (SA) said, “When a man dies, his good deeds come to be an end except three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, and righteous offspring who will pray for him”. (Salhih Muslim) The Above mentioned Ayat and Hadith emphasize the importance of Islamic School.

Islamic Environment
Wisdom Internation School

Islamic Environment is a remarkable feature of the WIS.Islamic ethos, etiquettes and behavior as per the Quran and authentic Sunnah guidelines are encouraged in students. We teach moral values through lessons, stories, engaging role-plays and interactive lerning session put lasting impressions on their personalities.


Our children are a blessing (Naemat) bestowed on us by Allah, and also a trust (Amanah). He has made us responsible for . It is Allah’s universal law to accompany every blessing with responsibility.

Allah has then blessed parents by placing tremendous love in their hearts for their children and He has made every parent responsible for providing his child with the best”Tarbiyah’ in order to ensure their success in this world as well as in the world to come.

The word ‘Tarbiyah’ refers to the process of providing the child with the material and spiritual means to become a good human being and a God conscious person , In other words, a good ‘Tarbiyah’ is the key to success in both worlds.

Student of wisdom international school

Partnership With

WIS stands on the commitment to provide the best academic education along with proper Tarbiyah to every child. It can be achived only when parents work along with the school. A child spends more than 2/3rd his/her time at home and 1/3rd at school. If this 1/3rd and 2/3rd work in opposite direction, a confused state of mind develops.

WIS expects parents to become partners in developing their child into a successful person in this would as well as in the world to come. Partnership with parents is the lifeline of WIS curriculum. WIS believes that a successful parents school Partnership is directly linked to a child's good academic performance and his/her conduct and behavior. So we go a step forward by providing Tarbiyah sessions for the parents of our students through different workshop and courses.

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