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السلام عليكم ورحمةالله

All praise is due to Allah ( SWT) who has blessed us with the power of Iman and knowledge. Salutation to our beloved prophet Muhammad ( SAW).

I am delighted to welcome you to the Wisdom International School a unique English medium school which provides Islamic Education alongside the British curriculum subjects. We aim to ensure that young people should be offered with a balanced and broad level of education to meet their spiritual, moral, emotional, physical and social needs.

Our qualified and experienced teachers of both Islamic and British curriculum subjects are committed to working hard to help the students for achieving their full potential. The Wisdom International School works closely with the students and their families in order to develop their Akhlaq and Adab with high standard of Islamic environment.

We focus on the practical aspects of lslam, which develops a student to become a prospective person, capable for finding solutions for the contemporary problems on the daily life of a Muslim. Our curriculum is modern, well devised and tailored. We review our curriculum on a regular basis to ensure that it remains up to date and meet the current programme of studies as well as the needs of our students.

Our Hifz department provides quality lessons to memorize the Holy Quran, in addition to their regular subjects. Our ethos is that all students should ' fly high' not only as a good Muslim, but also as a proud citizen of Bangladesh.

I hope that all of you feel proud of being a part of this blessed English Medium Islamic School.

Your Faithfully

Muhammad Badrul Haque

B.A( Hons) M.A

Our Mission & Vision

The VISION of Wisdom International School is to provide all deserving Muslim students authentic knowledge of Islam (According to the Quran and the Sunnah) with quality educational opportunities that will prepare them for the future.

Our GOAL as an Islamic School is to produce goof practicing Muslims who love the religion and live according to high ethical values defined by Islam.

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